Sex & Theology


Every parent or person working with youth longs for those children in their sphere of influence to flourish; we are all well aware that there is a conversation that is absolutely essential to flourishing. With fear and uncertainty, we make veiled references to “the talk” with our children that looms in our future, the one about the birds and the bees, about how babies are made, about sex. We are desperate to find a compelling yet practical approach to this challenge and to discover THE conversation.

BEFORE THE SEX TALK provides parents and mentors with short chapters unpacking themes from Theology of the Body as well as applications that completely transform the way faith-based talks usually address these topics, if they have addressed them at all.

Each chapter is followed by

  • a related scripture
  • discussion for younger and older children
  • activities, and a
  • prayer to share


BEFORE THE Sex Talk is a resource for those who:

  • find the teaching of Theology of the Body to be beautiful and compelling, and want to further explore
  • have a felt need to find an approach for understanding the body, sex, and relationships that resonates more deeply than the one they personally experienced in church setting
  • have tried to talk with kids on these subjects in a conventional way and felt that it felt flat
  • desire to go back and rebuild the foundations for “the sex talk” and the questions that follow


I met “the Lindas” when they traveled to Pennsylvania to take one of my courses at the Theology of the Body Institute. I’m delighted to hear that they are bringing what they’ve learned into the evangelical world. This good news is so desperately needed in our culture, one that is so confused about the body, sex, and marriage. BEFORE THE SEX TALK is a practical tool that will help equip parents and mentors to cast a biblical vision of sex – not just the moral vision, but the splendor of the divine story our bodies tell – that will profoundly impact the hearts and minds of the children they influence.

Christopher West, Th.D.President, Theology of the Body Institute


“I AM A GIFT” was created for Journey Community Church in San Diego, California as a means to set a foundation for the vision for the body, relationships and sex as revealed in the teaching of Theology of the Body. This six session curriculum was implemented and got rave reviews from teachers, parents and children involved in the Kids’ Ministry in this church community. Activities and worksheets are easily adapted for family fun!


THE Conversation Workshop’s podcast for parents and mentors that journey’s through Theology of the Body with the goal of applying key concepts in our ongoing conversations with the children we care for about the body, relationships and sex. Whether you’ve participated in our one-day workshop and want to keep learning, or you haven’t attended but would like to know and learn what is covered, this podcast allows you to do just that from whichever platform you use to stream content.

Theology of Her Body: Discovering the Strength and Mission of Masculinity/Discovering the Beauty and Mystery of Femininity

by Jason Evert

Theology of Her Body and Theology of His Body will feed your teens with liberating answers to their most pressing questions about love and sexuality. These books offer solid, relevant teachings in a language teens understand. But more than just presenting the truth itself, they deliver the tools teens need to achieve the greatness for which they were created.

This book comes at a critical time, because tragically, many teens have forgotten their calling, or worse, have never heard it. As a result, they don t know who they are or who and what they are meant to be for one another. This means they often resort to using instead of authentically loving others and themselves.

Theology of Her Body and Theology of His Body are two books in one. Teens are encouraged to not only learn the truth about their own body, but also to discover the beauty of the opposite sex, for it is in seeing the complementarity of the two sexes that one discovers the real meaning of his or her own body. This is the perfect companion to the Theology of the Body for Teens program, and is also ideal for teens new to the Theology of the Body. One thing is certain: anyone who reads this book will never look at his/her body, or anybody, in the same way again.

In these books, teens will discover: 

  • How to live a life that will make them happy and fulfilled.
  • That their sexual desires are good and holy and actually designed by God.
  • The amazing meaning of their body and that it is very good.
  • Their true calling and purpose in life.
  • How to be the man or woman of greatness they are destined to be.
  • The meaning and power behind the words Beauty, Femininity, Strength and Mission.
  • What it means to be created male and female in God’s image of love.
  • The ways we have messed up God’s original plan for us and how to fully restore it.

Note: this is a unique flip book where you have TOB for His Body on the cover, then you flip it over and it is TOB for Her Body, so 2 in 1.